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In celebrating of the 50th anniversary of HLBI

HLB Egypt Makary Consulting team went to Egyptian Food Bank to pack as many food cartons as possible to be distributed in poor villages at Upper Egypt.

After three hours of working hard, supporting less fortunate people, and having fun, we are proud to announce that Makary Team was able to prepare 1450 food cartons. WELL DONE!!!

A job worth doing is worth doing together. Thanks for the team who joined and again wish HLBI a HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY.


About the Company: HLB Egypt-Makary Consulting is a financial, economic and market consulting firm with large experience in the Egyptian market and with regional experience in Africa and Arab Countries. The company deals basically with international organizations such as CIDA, the World Bank, IFC, UNDP, UNIDO, USAID, GTZ/ GIZ, KFW, DANIDA, multinationals, government agencies and ministries as well as local, regional and international medium to large investors and corporate companies.

The Company’s main tasks are market research/ analysis, financial feasibility and valuation studies, and economic viability (cost-benefit analysis) and impact studies.


Title:  Analyst


Department: Research Department


Job Summary: Responsible for all matters concerning study(ies)/report(s) on hand including data research, typing, filing (hard copies and software), record keeping, etc


Key Duties:

  1. Follow the study/project structure, plan and objectives to ensure smooth implementation to meet deadlines;
  2. Handle and follow up on data collection within the specified time frame, design data collection tools/ questionnaires/ discussion guides and data entry sheets for approval;
  3. Handle data entry and processing and report the quality of data collected;
  4. Conduct/ report data interpretation/ analysis on regular basis, and amend data according to corrective measures;
  5. Take detailed notes in meetings attended and report minutes of meeting within 2 working days maximum;
  6. Follow pre-set models and format procedures for data entry, process and analysis and report writing;
  7. Assist co-workers, whenever required, and ensure effective team work and report process;
  8. Provide acceptable quality output at the pre-set deadlines while following the company’s procedures and instructions from direct supervisor;


Working Conditions:

§  Work 5 days a week;

§  Social insurance and transportation allowance.


Job Qualifications:

§  Years of Experience: At least 2 years of experience in related financial, market or economic research;

§  Sex: Male/ Female;

§  Nationality: Egyptian;

§  Military Status (Males): Exempted/ Completed;

§  City: Cairo;

§  University: Economics or Business Administration major. Post graduate studies are a plus;

§  Languages: Fluent English and Arabic (writing/typing, speaking, reading, and occasional translation);

§  Computer Skills:

o   MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access);

o   SPSS or any statistical software is an asset.


§  Skills and Qualifications:

o   Research skills

o   Logical thinking

o   Analytical skills

o   Writing skills

o   Flexible

o   Ability to work under pressure



If interested, please send CV (preferably accompanied with a picture) to

Work in Progress/ CCI Study

Proud with the work progress in the selection of potential clusters in Sohag and Qena for the Cluster Competitive Initiative (CCI) for Upper Egypt Local Development Program (UELDP).


The CCI program is a three-year program under the Ministry of Local Development funded by the World Bank. The program main objective is improving the business environment and competitiveness of economic clusters in Sohag and Qena aiming at encouraging investments and private sector participation.


The economic impact of Ramadan on the food sector Time of less productivity or business opportunity?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Fasting Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims fast from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn until dusk. The main objective behind fasting is to get closer to God, feel the life of the less fortunate and encourage healthy lifestyle. Hours of fasting differs from one country to another, depending on the latitude of country’s location. Generally, people break their fast at sunset, “Iftar” meal, and wake up at dawn before sun rise to have their second meal, “Suhoor”, in preparation to fast on the following day.


Ramadan is a religious ritual yet has significant social and economic impact. It follows a different pattern for office hours and is recognized by “less productivity” and more social gathering on “Iftar” and “Suhoor” meals. Productivity decreases from 35% to 50% due to shorten working hours, and inability to focus with no access to food or beverage till sunset and fewer hours of sleep. It is, as all religious festivities around the World such as Christmas, highly commercialized; hence, it is a golden opportunity for marketing the products.


Ironically, Ramadan is all about food! Food retailers stock up products at least a month ahead in preparation of excess demand. Supermarkets and hypermarkets extend hours to midnight and tend to have Ramadan specific promotions and offers. It is no coincidence that advertisement on food and beverage are massive during the month of Ramadan. Despite the fact that Ramadan is a fasting month, food consumption during the time of “Iftar” to “Suhoor” exceeds normal consumption pattern. Not only food bills increase by 50-100% during Ramadan, but it is reported that 83% of families change their food consumption habits during Ramadan. It is estimated that food consumption in Ramadan account for 15% of annual expenditure on food.


Amongst the highest consumed goods in Ramadan are dates, nuts and dried nuts, and dairy products. Consumption of bread, chicken and dried fruits increases by 63%, 66.5% and 25%, respectively during Ramadan, as compared to other months of the year. Last year, Egypt consumed a total of 9 million dried fruits which accounts for 35% of annual trade only during the holy month. Dairy products, like yogurt and labna, come among the highest sales. Dairy companies usually be prepared for Ramadan with different offers and especial products only for this month. Muslims eat dairy products after their Suhoor for better digest and to avoid feeling thirsty the next day. 


It is unfortunate that people tend to exaggerate their food consumption levels during Ramadan. In this respect, it is reported that 60% of food goes to waste in Egypt during Ramadan which completely contradicts with Ramadan’s ethics and morals.


Retail and hospitality businesses also experience a sharp increase in sales. In countries like UAE and Egypt, majority of restaurants and cafes remain open with extended late hours to midnight for Suhoor. Traditionally, people go out especially after Iftar to socialize, eat out and enjoy the Suhoor with friends and family. For instance, in UAE, it was reported that 46 % prefer to have Iftar out at least once a week, 26% order delivery especially at the second half of the holy month, and 78 % planned to have Suhoor in cafes.


Businesspeople cooperating with the Middle East would see Ramadan as a time of caution and less productivity but also as a time of opportunity, especially for food, retail and hospitality related industries. Like in all businesses, how you use the opportunity is what matters!

HLB Egypt-Makary Consulting is rebranding!

Leaning on more than 20 years of intensive experience, profound culture and a clear vision for the future, we are proud to reveal the logo of our new brand identity, following the launch of the HLB International rebrand.

The new brand features the Company’s focus on growth and progress to provide professional, independent and personalized service at international standards through working closer with our esteemed partners and clients.

We plan to be fully rebranded by July 2019 to maintain unified and consistent brand image of the HLB network operating in 745 offices in 153 countries round the globe. 

Committee finishes small enterprises tax draft law

In an attempt to lessen the burden on SMEs and creat incentive to join the formal economy, the minimum revenue requirement to pay VAT is intended to increase in the current version of the VAT Act to EGP 1 million instead of EGP 500,000.

We are hiring!

 We are looking for qualified candidates for the following two positions:

Middle and Senior Economic Development Analysts

Duties as follows:

1. Immediate hiring is required;

2. Work as full time in IFI program;

3. Training /coaching will be provided.

Job Requirements:

1. Good command of English and Arabic ( written and spoken);

2. Capacity to interact with the community Strong Analytical skills;

3. Ability to work in teams;

4. Proven Prior experience in Economic Development is a must (at least 2 years).

Interested candidates could send their CVs and inquiries for more details to the following e-mails:, &

EBRD and EU to help reduce pollution in Egypt

HLB Egypt- Makary Consulting proud to contribute to the Integrated Depollution Project for the Kitchener Drain Pre-Feasibility Study, with COWI, Atkins International and Chemonics Egypt.

The Kitchener Drain area is one of the most polluted areas in the Nile Delta region in Egypt with a population of 6 million inhabitants. The main objective of the study is to assess the technical, financial and economic pre-feasibility of the project to reduce the negative pollution impacts in the project area. The project includes wastewater, solid waste and other components. We are glad to contribute to the well-needed welfare of households in the project area (the governorates of Gharbia, Dakahlia and Kafr el Sheikh). The project will be financed by EC, EIB and EBRD.

We are hiring!

We are hiring! We are looking for qualified candidates for the following position:

Title: Analyst in Research Department

Working Conditions:

  • Report to Supervisor
  • Work 5 days a week;

Job Qualifications:

  • Years of Experience: 2-5 years of experience in related financial market or economic research or consultation;
  • Sex: Male/ Female;
  • Nationality: Egyptian;
  •  Military Status (Males): Exempted/ Completed;
  • City: Cairo;
  • University: Economics or Business Administration major (preferable English or French). Post graduate studies are a plus;
  • Languages: Fluent English and Arabic, (writing/typing, speaking, reading, and occasional translation); French is a Plus
  • Computer Skills: Excellent proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access); SPSS or any statistical software is an asset.

Interested candidates could send their CVs and inquiries for more details to the following e-mails:, &

Launching OF Furniture Development and Export Strategy over 10 years

Industry Talk: Furniture Development and Export Strategy presented by Lamy Riad Makary, CFA, Executive Partner at HLB Egypt-Makary Consulting at Furnex & the Home 2018, the annual international trade fair for furniture in Egypt.

The study was conducted by The Company in cooperation with the chamber of woodworking furniture industry (CWWFI), the Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) and the Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC) and was officially launched in the exhibition in presence of senior manufacturers and stakeholders. The study’s key objectives, approach and key findings were emphasized. Mr Lamy Makary stressed that the strategy aims at capitalizing on the competitive advantages of the sector to enable more localization, as well as generation of value added, productive job opportunities and foreign currency. The strategy is complemented by a detailed action plan and specification of indicative investment opportunities in the sector. It is to be implemented by CWWFI, EFEC and IMC.

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